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TOPIC: Non Molestation order

Non Molestation order 2 weeks 2 hours ago #101515

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My Ex has served me with a non molesation order and is relying on a statement that was previously used in a original contact case where she was proved to non credible. All her allegations was unfounded. However she has got this temporarily in place.

The reason are she is jealous that i have takjen my 7 year old son on holiay to Dubai - he returned to his mother for two days after the holiday, I was served and he camke back to me disgruntles and suddenly a strong hate for me. Basically his mother was brainwashing me and making him read the witness statement and was saying things word for word. Second reason is she knows that i have moved on married again doing well and happy without her.

She is interfering with my contact, stopping me from speaking with him, breaching the orders by not giving me passport until last minute, brainwashing my son, also trying to control or dictate contact to me - in my mind she needs to be sectioned, she is mental and wanted to reconciliate a couple of years ago and get together again. When i refused a few weeks later she tried to pin on the fact she was possessed and had to get healed by a spirutal healer.

Im frustrated incredibly by this habitual liar, its been 7 years what is her game or motive - she cant move on why? She is claiming that i am threatening and violent to her when i never see her, i collect and drop off my son to school except holidays which when i have to see her she creates drama then plays victim, I have sent her some strong emails in response to her stupidity but i have never been aggressive or threatening or sugested violence. To her as soon as i respond with seriousness she calls its abuse. Its all theatrics, immature and i cant take it seriously but i must.

I contested it in court and find myself preparing huge bundles of files and referring back to the old case bundle where her witness statements where she was proven a liar. Its just a mountain of rubbish responding to this.
I have to go back in 2 weeks do i have real justification to have this revoked or ami facing automatic injunction just because she says so and feels the need for protecting of something that doesnt exist. if calling someone stupid serious, or stop playing games, etc serious I have history of police logs where she is harassing me, and a seriosu allegation last year where she claims i punched her in the stomach (never happened), she actuially assaulted me and i have a police log for assault. I should have pressed charges to arrest but didnt because good officer told me that it wont look good if you arrest her with your son present!

I have to get a fact find,m cafcass need to get involved in the next directions - do non mol get beat im quite worried and anxious particulalry worried if she gets her way and removed contact. Im not guilty but given the system always puts you as guilty then i have to disprove.

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Non Molestation order 1 week 5 days ago #101534

Do exactly what you did before with the previous Non-Mol application.

If you can afford any representation it is worth having it as your ex is hoping that she gets a judge who is more sympathetic to her wants.

In regards to her tricks about around contact you cannot control her in regards to the crap she tells your son and if she refuses to allow you to speak to him at her home due to his age.

What you can control is how you respond to her.

So you need to ignore her unless it is an emergency.

This means no phoning your son at her house and no answering any of messages/emails.

Once she realises you won't engage with her she will stop.

There is a thread with a letter on this forum which is worth sending her once you have dealt with the Non-Molestation Order. (I will see if I can dig it out.)

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