Teenage dad: telling your family

Telling your parents or carers that you have got someone pregnant can be really difficult. Many young people worry that their parents will be upset and react badly. If you are not sure what to do about your pregnancy you may not want to involve your parents. However you might find that they can help you to talk about the different options and help you with difficult decisions. 

If you think they will put unwanted pressure on you and your partner, however, you might want to talk to another adult first. Be clear about what you want to say before attempting the conversation.

The longer you put it off, the harder it will be. The quicker you get it off your chest, the sooner your family will be able to offer help and support.

Try to talk it through with your partner. If you are in a loving relationship, you might find it easier to break the news together. If you are no longer with your partner you might want to ask someone else you trust to be there when you break the news. If you are worried about how someone might react to the news, tell them in a public place. If you really can’t face them, start by writing a letter.

Try to avoid your parents hearing from somebody else (for example, her parents!).

With all the pressure you’re under, last thing you want is for your parents to freak out, but be prepared for this! It will probably come as a shock, and their first reaction may be an emotional one – so give them time to absorb the news, before trying to talk things through. It will help if you say need and will appreciate their support. Try to be honest about how it happened, as this will help them to see that you are taking responsibility for your part.



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