Child Benefit

Did you know, if you have children you are eligible to claim for Child Benefit for each of them. Find out more with Dad.Info about this important benefit and how to get it.





It's paid for every child until the age of 16 (or up to 20, if they’re still in education). Only one person can claim Child Benefit for a child, so if you are separated, it is the resident parent for each child who will get the payment.

Everyone is entitled to claim Child Benefit, but you may need to pay a tax charge if you, or your partners’, individual income is above £50,000.

If you do not wish to claim Child Benefit (most often this is due to being taxed on it if you do) you can decline the payments, but it is recommended that you fill in the claim form as this ensures that your child is registered to get a National Insurance Number when they turn 16.

If your circumstances or preferences change and you wish to restart payments later on, you can still do this. 


 In the current financial year (2017-2018) the weekly rate for Child Benefit is: 

  • £20.70 for your first child
  • £13.70 for each subsequent child 

It is normally paid four weekly, but can be paid weekly if you're a single parent or receiving certain benefits like income support.  


You should apply as soon as your baby is born, or a child becomes your responsibility. It can take up to 12 weeks to process a new Child Benefit claim, and payment can only be backdated for three months.

 You can do this by filling in a Child Benefit Claim Form CH2, which you will need to send to the Child Benefit Office, along with their birth or adoption certificate. If you don’t have the birth/adoption certificate, send in the paperwork anyway, and send on the certificate just as soon as you can.   


 If you're separated from the mother of your child, the Government will not pay Child Benefit to both of you - it will only pay it to the resident parent. 

Note that Child Benefit is what is known as a gateway benefit. This means that many of the other benefits that are offered to parents (e.g. housing assistance) are paid to the parent in receipt of child benefit. 

Of course, if you've got more than one child between you, you could always think about each of you receiving Child Benefit for one of the children. This way, you may both be eligible for other benefits, such as housing benefits.  



Updated: September 2017

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  • Guest
    Adil Tuesday, 02 May 2017

    1/7 from the child maintenance should get deducted per every night your child will spend with you.

    I ve contacted child maintenance and I do agree they is no justice in this system between males females, I think the only solution is to change our gender if this will make these system happy and fair. just to let you know we should have 1/7 of for every night your child spend with you so if you have your child 3 nights so that is 3/7 should come off from the maintenance you pay.

    God bless dads in this country, we always blames and stereotyped, they are dads that are million times better than mothers. this system need to rethink about this.

  • Guest
    g Tuesday, 23 May 2017

    What about this situation?

    The rp claims CB. They earn over £60,000 but get paid via various tax dodge schemes meaning on paper they only earn basic wage despite having a lavish lifestyle. If they were honest they wouldn't be entitled to CB. In this case could nrp claim CB and would they have to pay maintenance?

  • Guest
    Charlie Thursday, 22 June 2017

    Rival long to sort it out?

    Anyone know how long it takes for HMRC to resolve a rival tax credit claim? I have been my daughters main carer since social services and courts gave me full custody in March...we are now at end of June and tax credits and child benefits still haven't been sorted yet. I'm in a very similar situation to Karl in the comments above. Violent ex...who has violent older child with sexual tendencies towards both girls and boys. Social services and court ruled my little girl should live with me. But HMRC still haven't sorted tax credits or child benefits out and even given the ex chancet o respond to my rival claim! Despite me sending in all relevant documents to support my claim...e.g. court order and social services reports. Been going on far too long. Keep hitting a brick wall when trying to communicate with HMRC. Anyone know how long it will take for them to sort this out....we are skint now! Surviving on income support alone. I have worked since I was 15 I'm now 30 and gave up work to look after my little girl so I have no experience of dealing with thigs like this. HMRC just keep saying a decision will be made as soon as possible with no dates or time frame. It's very distressing.

  • Guest
    Alan salih Friday, 25 August 2017

    single dad now

    hello i just want some help if can help i be come single dad today mother have problam mantel my child ben in care for 8 month i never give up until she come now but i dont have certificate yet i have paper court say she can come mine and can i do back up her banfit many thanks if you can help

  • Guest
    Nav Sunday, 10 September 2017


    Hi everyone

    Please help with this issue. My ex cheated me. She divories me and married her lover. We have 4 kids. We agreed for £200 and weekend access of me to kids

    I am pretty sure that she is getting good amount in benfits being a single mother of 4 kids

    My kids complain to me that she spends a lot on shopping of her own stuff. When told her of their concerns, she now demands £500/ month

    I can't afford as I have my own expenses. I spend average £150 on kids every weekend they stay with me.

    Can please tell if I am allowed to ask her how much benefits she receives for my kids? As per law do I have right to ask her to show me the letters of benefits?

  • Guest
    Brett Tuesday, 14 November 2017

    What to do?

    My partner is moving out and leaving our kids with me... She says she not signing anything over, what do I do?

  • Guest
    John Wednesday, 29 November 2017

    Child benefit enquiry

    Hi, does anyone know a definitive answer to the following please? I have 2 children 14 and 12 and my ex-wife receives the child benefit. I have absolutely no problem with this. However, I have my children whenever I can, buy them clothes, birthday and Christmas presents and obviously feed them when they are with me.
    Is it reasonable to consider claiming the child benefit for the period I have had them in my care (this around 12 weeks worth of time with me) and making the said claim by deducting that what child benefit I should have received from the maintenance that I pay?
    For example the child benefit I believe I would be eligible for would be worth £34.40 x 12 weeks = £412.80.
    Could I deduct £412.80 from the £5080 maintenance that I pay each year?

  • Guest
    Chris Thursday, 14 December 2017

    Feel betrayed.

    Hi. I new to this but a battle and a bad experience. I was lucky I wasnt married. I split with my ex in January due to her drugy, theiving son, who stole from my 2 kids 9 &11, myself and his mother. Hes now nearly 18, this had been going on for 2 years.
    I refused to move from the house, as it was in joint names and I paid the mortgage off, also my kids didnt want me to leave. 12 months ago I had to take part time work as I injured my back, but with her part time job and tax credits we coped. Just after we split she had the tax credits put into her account and refused to pay half the bills. I paid them and was left with nothing from my wages.
    To make things worse we where selling the home, the buyer we had dropped out due to her. In the mean time she went after my pension and my savings which was inherited. She couldnt due to the fact we wernt married. In the end to get her and her son out she insisted I buy her out £142k from my savings and pension. She did this to hurt me financially now im skint. I need to pay my solicitor after a ive managed to obtain 50/50 residency, I had a solicitors letter suggesting I see the kids once every alternate weekend, this I shown the kids they went mad with her. No way I told them.
    She flaunts the tax credits at me, does all she can to get a penny from me, refuses to even pay the kids school snack money, the kids wont ask her for anything.
    Im left broke while she gets everything, in 6 months time I will sell the house and downsize, she warned me that then she will come after my money,
    Talk about a no win situation

  • Guest
    Barry Sunday, 17 December 2017


    Sorry to hear all theses thing it took me 11months to get the child benefit from her in my name I am 8thousand pounds in dept I got a school support worker involved it's been hard year I have attached for tax credits my children have had to suffer what sort of mother can do this to her children it's allfull I hope all you dads a better new year and keep fighting it's hard I know.

  • Guest
    Craigy Wednesday, 03 January 2018

    Child Benefit & Tax Credits

    Good afternoon.
    My partner and I have separated and on good terms and we are trying our best to help each other out as much as possible. I'm trying to get a council house to set up home as a single dad as we both equally have them half a week each. I'm constantly been denied help by the association's due to the child benefit been in her name and not mine.
    My question is... can I have the child benefit in my name but the child/working tax credits stay in her name. This way round financially nobody loses out and allows me to get a home set up for my boys.

    Many thanks

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