Child Benefit

Did you know, if you have children you are eligible to claim for Child Benefit for each of them. Find out more with Dad.Info about this important benefit and how to get it.





It's paid for every child until the age of 16 (or up to 20, if they’re still in education). Only one person can claim Child Benefit for a child, so if you are separated, it is the resident parent for each child who will get the payment.

Everyone is entitled to claim Child Benefit, but you may need to pay a tax charge if you, or your partners’, individual income is above £50,000.

If you do not wish to claim Child Benefit (most often this is due to being taxed on it if you do) you can decline the payments, but it is recommended that you fill in the claim form as this ensures that your child is registered to get a National Insurance Number when they turn 16.

If your circumstances or preferences change and you wish to restart payments later on, you can still do this. 


 In the current financial year (2017-2018) the weekly rate for Child Benefit is: 

  • £20.70 for your first child
  • £13.70 for each subsequent child 

It is normally paid four weekly, but can be paid weekly if you're a single parent or receiving certain benefits like income support.  


You should apply as soon as your baby is born, or a child becomes your responsibility. It can take up to 12 weeks to process a new Child Benefit claim, and payment can only be backdated for three months.

 You can do this by filling in a Child Benefit Claim Form CH2, which you will need to send to the Child Benefit Office, along with their birth or adoption certificate. If you don’t have the birth/adoption certificate, send in the paperwork anyway, and send on the certificate just as soon as you can.   


 If you're separated from the mother of your child, the Government will not pay Child Benefit to both of you - it will only pay it to the resident parent. 

Note that Child Benefit is what is known as a gateway benefit. This means that many of the other benefits that are offered to parents (e.g. housing assistance) are paid to the parent in receipt of child benefit. 

Of course, if you've got more than one child between you, you could always think about each of you receiving Child Benefit for one of the children. This way, you may both be eligible for other benefits, such as housing benefits.  



Updated: September 2017

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  • Guest
    KP Wednesday, 23 January 2019


    As men we are at an automatic disadvantage. The only way to get a positive change to the current archaic system is to petition your local MP. Everyone is online complaining, we are complaining to the wrong people. Preaching to the converted. Our MP's would be inundated if we stood up for ourselves and demanded our male voices be heard. This is a world where woman are shouting and demanding equality. Well as men we ought to be shouting for equality too. #equalequality

  • Guest
    Gareth Tuesday, 29 January 2019

    Child Benefit and shared care..


    Facing a situation where my kid's Mum is refusing to relinquish the 2nd rate of CB. Since she left me back in February last year I have made so much effort to ensure the children spend 50% of time between her rented place and now mine in a night-by-night schedule for a year. She has always chosen to work part time and thus currently receives less income than me. She arranged the CB to go into a joint account when we were married but, but since leaving she reverted this benefit into her own account without telling me.
    She therefore receives CB and Working tax credit and now a redundancy pay-out that she orchestrated (she works in HR!) from her previous employer, and so her income is comparable with mine.
    She will undoubtedly go full time when all this is settled and her salary may well go above mine, and yet continue to receive all these benefits, and what is worse, the position of being the primary carer where we (thanks to my schedule!) continue to have 50% care of the children!!

    However, she will continue to receive the entirety of the CB for both of my children, 6 and 9. She is refusing to relinquish the 2nd rate of CB for the younger child and ultimately with Working Tax credits she will be rolling in it, where as a father of her children (not a random!) and importantly a 50% carer of her children, what can I do??!

    I hope this website can provide advice as to what to do other than just a space to vent my thoughts..(which has been good..) other that supportive thoughts (which would be good to receive of course ;))

    I have reason to believe the cow has planned this from a while back and now I fear she is orchestrating for future custody of my 2 beautiful children, when I'm working my arse off to maximise shared resources for both children and she's not..!! (trying not to get angry writing this...) Can anyone help?? knowledge of loop holes in the law etc.. gratefully received..!

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Guest Thursday, 13 August 2020

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