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The research draws attention to the relationship issues faced by new parents and makes recommendations for how they can be overcome.  It shows that 40% of new mums, who had a concern about their relationship, felt they may no longer be sexually attractive to their partner and 25% of new dads were worried their partner was no longer interested in sex. Just over a quarter (27%) of new parents longed for some time alone as a couple.

The findings are released in a new report by OnePlusOne entitled Sleep, Sex and Sacrifice: The transition to parenthood, a testing time for relationships. The report outlines some of the challenges new parents face, including how to divide up the cooking and cleaning as well as hang on to a sex life, social life and sense of identity.

 “Becoming a parent can put a relationship under extreme pressure as each partner tries to adjust to their new role - for some it can be almost like a mini earthquake. Often one person becomes a stay-at-home parent in the early years and this can be very isolating; if they feel the partner who is out at work does not appreciate them it can lead to arguments.

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See your child as a unique individual - complete, whole and separate from you. Focus on your child's unique gifts. Help them flourish.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Let forming values in your family be a fun thing. Notice acts of helpfulness or kindness by parents & children alike & affirm them publicly.

--DAD team