Dads would be earning more than £65,000 a year if it was a paid role

An online local services marketplace has worked out just how much dads would earn if being a father was a paid role and has found they could be earning up to £67,532 a year. The sum ranks as high as salaries for some GPs, lawyers and equity traders. Parents can use the online calculator to discover their own salary

An online services marketplace has discovered that if fathers were on a paid salary they would be earning more than £65,000 a year. A calculator has been built for UK parents to work out how much they could be getting paid.
A survey of 1,500 British fathers commissioned by revealed that, on average, every day they spend up to 2 hours cleaning and general tidying, around an hour preparing food and an hour driving their children, as well as being on call for them 24 hours a day.
Of the 1,500 people surveyed 11% said they were a stay at home dad. Of this 11%, two thirds said they did almost all of the chores around the house, including preparing food and washing clothes, as well as caring for the child.
The survey also found that 54% of households questioned had a pet, and a third of fathers from this group said they handle all responsibilities concerning the animals from feeding and bathing to walking.
Any parents who want to know just how much they could be getting paid, if being a parent was a paid profession, can use the online calculator, which can be found here:
The online services marketplace has thousands of service providers on its database in these sectors and has used internal data and insight to work out the hourly rates for these everyday tasks fathers carry out.
These hourly rates were then worked up into an overall daily rate by’s job experts using the statistics from the survey and were then applied to an entire year. The sum of £67,532 equates to more than some high paying jobs such as bank managers, finance managers and even medical practitioners. co-founder, Russ Morgan, said,
“As an online services marketplace we have great insight into the jobs market, and we can tell you there isn’t another job in the world which takes up 24 hours a day 365 days a year, especially without any holidays or breaks! The number of stay at home dads has been slowly increasing over the past few decades and we think this is why fathers are taking on more responsibilities at home.
“With Father’s Day around the corner we wanted to highlight just how much work fathers do. We’ve also built the calculator so that mums or dads can see how much they would be earning as a bit of fun.”

More information is an online local services marketplace which provides a platform on which members of the public can ask local service professionals to bid for work. Professionals include builders, electricians, cleaners, photographers, caterers, personal trainers, English tutors and many others.
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