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Win a copy of Wiggle Woshers by Damilola Idowu

A beautiful and engaging picture book for children age 0-5 about happiness and the importance of helping others. We have a copy to give away five winners!


Created by Damilola Idowu, a young talent with autism, the surreal and kind Wiggle Woshers have floating hearts full of caredust that makes everyone happy. But one day, a sad and lonely Wiggle Wosher called Optulogi steals all of the hearts so that he can have caredust all for himself, making everyone else sad as well. When the other Wiggle Woshers manage to get their hearts back they find that having them is no longer enough to make them happy. They can only truly be happy again when they have forgiven and helped Optulogi to overcome his sadness.


For your chance to win a copy of this fab picture book, simply answer the question…



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About the author

 Damilola Idowu and Nadia Kiddy
Damilola Idowu and Nadia Kiddy

Artist Damilola Idowu is a remarkable young man with a passion for art who has autistic spectrum disorder and learning difficulties. Naadia Kidy is his former youth worker. Both live in London. Naadia loved Damilola’s artwork and ideas and set out to prove that artists like Damilola with autism are not to be ignored but can produce artwork as a commission, to a brief and deadline. The result is the newly released children’s picture book The Wiggle Woshers and Their Stolen Hearts.

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