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Why not make a Change4Life ?

Change 4 life

Eat well, move more, live longer .. shrug off those bad habits and get healthier and have fun with Change4Life

Picture Homer Simpson with his can of Duff beer, slobbing out in front of the television… a familiar sight in your living room? As a Dad you have the chance to set the pace & show your kids how to get more exercise and be healthier.

So, to help you get in touch with your inner Adonis, Dadtalk has partnered up with the folks from Change4Life to help you and your kids ….

Eat well, Move more, Live longer

Eat Well – Time for Homer to forget the burger, ice cream and donuts. Check these out to make sure you’re around for the long haul:

  • Five a day – you have no doubt heard the ‘five a day’ mantra but how about setting the family a challenge to meet this target. Use a big sheet of paper to draw up a table with everyone’s name along the top. During the day, write in any fruit or vegetables & see who can reach (or exceed) the target. It is easier than you think – pure fruit juice, canned, frozen and dried fruit & veg all count. Go to the 5 a day website for more tips and the 5 a day tip section of the change4life website for a fun game to play
  • Break out of the stereotypes and offer to get in the kitchen & make at least one meal a week. If you have never been taught to cook (that means more than taking the plastic lid off & setting the microwave turning), take the plunge and have a go. Start simple – check out some of our DadTalk recipes and send us your own favourites to share with other Dads.
  • Set the example – if you go straight from dinner to the TV every night with a packet of crisps and bottle of beer what do you think your kids are going to do? Make some changes in your life for the sake of your kids – they are worth it!
  • Make a decision to have a family meal time – as often as possible. The more it becomes a habit, the easy it gets & the better your kids will be at making conversation around a table, using a knife and fork and practising good manners. All good stuff! Also see the DadTalk article ‘Back to the Table’ for some Dad Facts on the importance of family mealtimes.


Move More – We have come up with a whole heap of ideas that will keep you and the kids busy and active this summer, forget about hearing the dreaded “I’M BORED”, there’s enough here to keep everyone occupied.


  • Don’t panic – if it raining or its fine we at Dadtalk always have time to P.L.A Y. Here’s our top 10 list of Sunny and Wet day ideas. But let us have some of your ideas too!
  • Don’t veg out after dinner, eat a lighter meal and aim to spend half an hour playing games outside – the Change4Life website has some fun suggestions such as playing ‘balloon keepy-uppy’ (blow up a balloon each & see how long you can keep it in the air) or ‘animal magic’ (hop like a bunny, walk like a spider, run like a monkey…. let your imagination go wild).


Don’t forget to also check out the Pubtalk Forum and share your recipes, favourite activities and cheap day trips.

And if you haven’t done so already sign up for the DadTalk daily tips.A great first step to being the best dad possible.

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