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Camping in April!



Too Early to Camp? 

We’re heading out camping, and it’s only April! Which means only one thing. It is going to be cold. 

And as we can’t leave the kids behind, which frankly would make it all easier… we need to plan out how to have a happy camp, this early in the year. 

Switch out Airbeds for Camp beds 

Cold air is ‘heavier’ than hot air, so if you are on the floor on an airbed, you are in the coldest part of your tent. If you are in a campbed, a foot off the floor then you’ll be warmer. For real luxury add a SIM (self inflating mattress) 

If you have no choice but to use an airbed, put a roll mat or a foil blanket under it for insulation, and pack extra blankets to go under your sleeping bag, and over you for a warm night. 

Don’t forget to pack a woolly hat too. Although it is a bit of a myth that most of your body heat is lost through your head, you are more sensitive to temperature change in your head and face, so makes sense to cozy up. Warm socks are great too. 

Change into your ‘pyjamas’ early 

When you go to sleep you are going to want to be warm. The last thing you are going to want to do is get changed in the late evening. Pop on those fleecy pjs as early as possible underneath clothes. Then at bedtime, only take off layers you don’t want to sleep in… allowing you to hop into bed avoiding starting the night in cold and damp pyjamas. 

Pack by Day 

Put everything you need for each day for the whole family (Clothes/Towels/Snacks) in one big bag for life and seal it up. If you are going for 5 days, use 5 bags. That way you can bring just one bag into the tent at a time, leaving everything else safe and dry in the boot of the car. Avoiding a messy and disorganised tent!  

Batch cook before you go 

Cook anything with meat in, and freeze. That way you can have a ready to go chilli on arrival as a reward once the tent is up.  

Also take Oat Porridge ready pots, and pancake mix made up. Anything that means you can get a meal out quickly.  

Extra Pegs and Guy Lines 

It is very early in the year, and the British weather especially in spring can be changeable. However expensive your tent, if you don’t put it up well it could let you down. Be prepared. Pack extra pegs and guys.  

Wish list of tech solutions 

We probably won’t use any of the following, as we aren’t fully committed to camping (yet) AND I’m too cheap to spring for an electrical hookup but look at these amazing tech solutions:  

Heated Camping Carpet – with an electical hookup, what could feel nicer than warm feet!  

Camping Sofa – for the luxury of home while in the field 

Camping Projector – stave off boredom, once the sun has gone down with a movie (don’t forget a bluetooth speaker). Use your tent as your screen, you can change the screen size for the trapezoidal shape with Keystone correction.  

Extra Gear to remember 

First Aid kit, Head torches, a portable washing line, solar lights for round your tent, hot water bottles, a sense of humour and probably a reservation at a local bnb.  

Wish us luck!  

Read more about the benefits of getting yourself and your children out into nature.

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