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Pranks for April Fools



Babies born March 31st are the easiest to prank on April Fools… 

They were literally born yesterday! 

Tomorrow is April Fools. Should I be embalming my kid’s toothbrushes in jelly? Or adding blue food dye to their morning milk? While I wait, ready with my phone recording to shout ‘April Fools’? After the year we have just had, I feel for me the answer is probably yes and this is why… 

Laughter is the best medicine

According to psychologist, Christian Jarrett, science can’t fully explain what makes us laugh, or why a joke is funny. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a joke that has misfired or felt mean. However, Sigmund Freud theorised that we need laughter as a necessary release, a way to blow off steam and my family has felt tightly wound this year. So although I have a lot on my plate right now and am not sure that I am as funny as the Dublin based product designer, Stephen Crowley who photoshops his baby into dangerous situations to wind up his wife 

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry

According to the Laughter Network, Laughter releases endorphins, relaxes the whole body, is an aerobic workout and cuts through inhibitions. With another holiday looming, if I can just get my moody tweenager to crack a smile it will feel like a huge win.  

Be warned

But be cautioned, your children are unlikely to respond if your attempts at humour follow a retrogressive picking at or poking of fun at weakness. It might be best to make you the butt of the joke.  

Here are some simple (and hopefully not too unkind) pranks for April Fools.

1 – googly eyes on the fruit in the bowl

2 – pop their toothbrush/house keys in a block of ice 

3 – shave off just the moustache of your beard and swear it is a new trend. 

4 – for the arachnophobe leave an upturned cup on the kitchen table with a note saying not to open it… unless you plan to kill it.

5 – fill their school shoes with beads 

6 – sellotape a party popper across their bedroom door/doorframe- so when they fling the door open it pops 

7 – put cling film under the cap of their shower gel, so nothing comes out when they pour. 

8 – for your teens, dig out the old baby monitor, and play an intermittent/odd sound in their room – How long will you wait till you confess?  

9 – change all the clocks in your house (again!) – steal some quality time with your kids in the morning by rushing them out the door an hour early – maybe spend it on the beach pre-school and work once you confess!  

10 – make some ice eyes. Draw a dot on a marshmallow and then freeze it – pop it in their morning milk.  

Don’t forget to shout April Fools! Hope there is lots of love and laughter in your house tomorrow morning.

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