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The Couple Connection

The Couple Connection is an interactive, self-help site providing resources and practical tools that will enable you to improve your relationship

The site is broken into three sections:

  • Check it Out – explores common relationship issues like money and sex
  • Talk it Out – the relationship forum section
  • Work it Out – helping you make plans and move forward in your relationship.

We’ve picked a few articles we think may interest you, but there are plenty more on this website, so if you are in a relationship take some time out to check/talk/work it out.

Introduction to getting on better with my partner – the trouble with you is…


We all argue, but learning to do it in a ‘healthy’ way without damaging your children is really important. This is a must read article for all couples!

Introduction to bringing up children – my way, your way, our way


Everyone has their own ideas on ‘how to raise your child’ – finding a way to work together on this is essential for a happy family life. This article also discusses the extra issues involved in being a step-parent.

Introduction to becoming a parent – and baby makes three!


Looks at the changes you will have to make as a couple when a baby comes along. How to understand what is happening to you both and to be able to work through problems as they come up.


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You don’t see your arguments…Your kids do!

You don’t see your arguments…Your kids do!

Have you ever seen yourself arguing? A look caught on camera, a reflection in glass. It’s not a pretty sight. When life is stressing us out we've all been there and ended up having a petty argument in front of the kids. It isn't great and if we could see how it...

You don’t see your arguments…Your kids do!


Founded by Patrick Augustus in 2002, BabyFather encourages black UK fathers to take an active role in raising their kids, especially if they are separated from them. It now works closely with Barnardo’s, which is active in black and ethnic communities around the...

You don’t see your arguments…Your kids do!

Equal Parenting Council

A campaign group aiming to transform the family justice system. It promotes the idea of shared parenting after a divorce or separation. This means giving both parents frequent contact with their children, equal legal status and a say in important parenting...

Latest entries

The value of praise

The value of praise

As parents we all want to raise happy, confident children. Receiving praise is an important part of boosting their self esteem, and giving it in the right way is important. Look beyond achievements and focus elsewhere Firstly, it's important to look beyond winning or...

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