3 cool umbrellas for kids

Cheer up a rainy day with these unique umbrellas the kids will love

Samurai Umbrella

Samurai Umbrella

Who said umbrellas had to be boring? The Samurai style umbrella from Firebox can double up as a weapon to fight off the baddies. It comes with a push button opening and features a samurai sword-style handle that’s really realistic, just in case you wanted to test out your Kill Bill moves. The full-length version comes with a shoulder strap so the umbrella can sit on your back. Great for your older kids or to demonstrate to your younger ones how skilled dads can be with a sword in hand. If you’re not feeling at full fighter level, there’s a compact version half the size. 

Firebox, www.firebox.com, £29.99


Funbrella Black Star

Funbrella 4 Black Star UmbrellaFunbrella 4 Funny Faces Umbrella

Futon has started a great range of fun and practical umbrellas for the little grownups in your life. Ideal for little hands, the sliding mechanism is easy and safe to use and the curve of the cover keeps both head and shoulders dry. More than just practical, the range features stylish and fun designs. The black star design featured here is timeless and perfect for singing in the rain. For something really fun, the Funny Faces funbrella has two silly faces imprinted on the PVC and will keep your kids giggling all the way to school. 

Fulton, www.fultonumbrellas.com, £12.00


Hatley Elephants Umbrella

Hatley Elephants Umbrella

For a beautifully printed brollie both boys and girls will love, look no further than Hatley’s elephant print umbrella. Always a winner with kid’s designs, Hatley bring together creative prints with high quality. The wooden round handle looks stylish and provides a comfy grip, which will also fit well over any little arm. Elephants of all colours and sizes stomp over the rain cover, which is made from waterproof nylon. It easily glides open for a fun walk through the rain and is a great gift for any kid. 

John Lewis, www.johnlewis.com, £15.00

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