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Help your kids battle with the ghosts this Halloween by transforming them into your own little monsters. Whether it’s Count Dracula or a wicked witch, the incredible Hulk or a frightful ghoul, we’ve got it covered with this great choice of costumes


1. Dracula 

 Dracula Costume












Master the evil laugh and you’ll have the perfect little Dracula to spook up your house. One of many Halloween gems from the Early Learning Centre, this costume includes five pieces for the price – cape, waistcoat top, trousers, mask and a cool bat style bow tie, ‘The master is at hand’.

One size (From Age 3), Early Learning Centre,, £15

2. Witch 

 Witch Outfit

More of a sparkly witch than a scary one, your girls will love the contrast of black with a bright petal witchy skirt. A scatter of sequins and cobweb sleeves adds a touch of style for this modern witch and the black cobweb hat completes the look to really get those spells underway. Find a black cat and she’s good to go.  

One size (From Age 3), Early Learning Centre,, £16

3. Gruffalo 

 Gruffalo Costume

Bring the Gruffalo to life with this fantastic furry outfit and start practicing your fear: ‘Oh help, oh no, it’s the Gruffalo!’. Your kids will take great joy in reenacting this scary but loveable character. Designed with soft brown velour, a padded hood and felt purple prickles, it’s one of a kind. 

One size (Age 3-6), Early Learning Centre,, £20

4. Dino Onesie

 Dinosaur Costume

A frightening dinosaur or a terrifying monster, either way this green velour suit with fangs and bulging eyes depict a good level of scariness. It’s easy to wear with a simple yet effective hood and single zip at the front. Not just for Halloween, it’s beastly all year round. 

18 months – 6 years, Debenhams,, £18

5. Hulk Costume – GREAT VALUE

 Incredible Hulk Outfit

Angry green beast and superhero rolled into one, the Hulk comes with great arm and chest muscle padding so your kids really feel the part. A face mask with attached hair is the perfect finish to this realistic gem and if you want to join in the fun, there’s a great adult version too. 

1 – 10 years, George,, £12.50

6. Kitten Onesie

 Kitten Baby All In One

If you have little toddlers who want to take part in all the spooky fun, then we’ve included three baby outfits for younger siblings. Every witch needs a black cat and this fantastic kitten all in one is perfect, with popper front, white paws and hooded cat face. 

0-24 months, George,, £8

7. Halloween Vampire All In One

 Vampire Baby Costume

An ideal mini-me for Count Dracula, this baby vampire outfit is perfect. Black attached bat wings that move with your baby’s arms, along with mock red waistcoat and matching bow tie. The best bit is that there are no detachable parts so it’s all the detail with minimal effort. 

0-12 months, Mamas & Papas,, £20

8. Skeleton Rib Cage Baby Grow

 Skeleton Baby Grow

Simple yet effective this rib cage grow, is made with super-soft cotton and can be dressed up with anything else you fancy.  For both boys and girls, dress it up with a tutu or a pair of black joggers and you’ll have the perfect skeleton accessory to fit under your arm. 

0-12 months, Baby Moo’s,, £10

9. Skeleton Romper

 Skeleton All In One Suit

Let your kids lead the way with the trick or treating this year in this fabulous glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit. Its front-opening poppers are great for ease and the suit is perfect for both boys and girls. It’s a great way to get them excited about Halloween, so prepare to be rattled. 

Up to age 4, Mamas & Papas,, £20

10. Skeleton Onesie

 Skeleton Outfit

Older kids and teens will love this long-sleeve onesie, which can be worn on its own or over other clothes. The glow-in-the-dark bone printing and black hood adds the perfect detail for effective eeriness and popper fasteners down the front make it easy to slip in and out of. 

Age 6 – 16, Marks & Spencer,, £19

11. Monster Tee

 Monster T-Shirt

Great for kids who don’t want a full Halloween costume, this cotton T-shirt is ideal to wear with jeans and your own mask. With a black monster print on the front kids can still tick the scary box but mix it up with their own accessories to create their own style of horror.  

Age 1-7, Marks & Spencer,, £9

12. Vampire Costume

 Vampire Cape

Great value for money, this vampire attire comes with a black and red satin cape, and a Dracula mask for good measure. A great Halloween add-on, all you need is a plain white shirt and black trousers to complete the look of the Count himself.  

Age 5 upwards, John Lewis,, £12

13. Darth Vader – EDITOR’S CHOICE

 Darthvader - Editor's Choice

Not just for Halloween, this infamous villain is a year round winner. Including a jumpsuit with printed belt, a black cape and Vader’s unrivalled mask, not only will they lure you to the dark side, it looks so convincing they may scare themselves while they’re at it.

Age 5-6 years, Argos,, £19.99

14. Alien Morphsuit

 Alien Morphsuit

This incredible morphsuit is one of our favourites and although you might jump every time you see that green alien in your house, the kids will love it. It stretches over for the perfect fit with no visible flesh to see and offers clear visibility through those beady black eyes. 

Age 8 – 12 years, Argos,, £24.99

15. Freak Mask

Freak Mask 

Whether it’s E.T, your pet dog or the old bid next door, this unique mask will let you be anyone you want. All you need is a decent mug shot to upload and Firebox does the rest. The eye cut outs add to its freakish look and it will keep well for over 100 washes. 

One size, Firebox,, £14.99

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