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Three of the best keyrings for kids

No longer designed just to house a set of keys, the latest keyrings on the market come with more fun features than ever before. We’ve found three gems that your kids will love…

Torch and cash stash keyring


Torch, keyring and money store all in one, the torch and cash stash from Prezzybox fits three features into one gadget. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the capsule design is easy to twist open and is a great hideaway place for some hard cash. Simply wrap up a note around the provided cash clip, slot it in and screw the cap back into place. Although you won’t get more than a couple of notes at best, it’s a great backup if your kids don’t have a wallet. The front of the capsule holds an LED light to turn the keyring into a torch and is comfortable enough to hold in the palm of your hand. 

Prezzy Box,, £9.95


Lego Cat Woman


If you thought Lego’s new range of bedside lights were cool, just wait until you see their new line of keyrings. Not only do they have Lego character torch rings, they‘ve introduced a great selection of superheroes that kids of all ages will absolutely love. When we say kids, we actually mean everyone in your house. Cat woman and batman are particularly cool and come ready to use straight out of the box to house your bunch of keys. As if that’s not exciting enough, like the Darth Vader lamp, you can press down on cat woman’s tummy and turn her feet into a torch. Awesome.

Lego,, £6.99




Sick of carrying your phone charger with you wherever you go? Well if you really want a useful tool to have on the end of your keys, look no further than the Chargekey from Firebox. No cables, no plugs and truly portable, you slot one end into your smartphone and one into any USB port. Anything from your computer, external battery pack or even one of the torches we’ve reviewed houses a USB port. Made from silicon and rubber, the chargekey can be bent, bashed and thrown about to survive almost anything and its connectors are scratch and damage resistant. Basically this keyring should last the test of time. You’ll never have to borrow a spare phone charger again, well unless of course you’ve forgotten your keys. 

Firebox,, £19.99

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