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CES 2015: top gadgets from the showfloor

Standing out from the crowd at the year’s biggest tech event

January in Las Vegas is the absolute epicentre of the gadget world. During the first week of each year, Sin City plays host to the Consumer Electronics Show, the unassuming name for the world’s biggest annual technology event where top tech companies show off the gadgets they’re betting big on in the coming year. Here are some of our favourites from CES 2015.

Bragi Dash

When it comes to swanky-looking audio equipment, Bang & Olufsen doesn’t mess about. The BeoSound Moment is two-sided tablet, where the rear is encased in oak. And not any old oak; touch-sensitive oak, no less. Just slide your finger over that wheel shape and you can play and pause music or change the volume. Flip the tablet over for a screen where you can browse through your music collection – or simply let the gadget do it for you. The BeoSound Moment is designed to learn what you listen to and when, so that once it’s got to know you it will choose the music you like.

Bang & Olufsen, $2,800, out 30 January

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