New smartwatch enables parents to track their kids everywhere

Colourful watch puts a trackable smartphone on your youngster's wrist

Out of sight but never out of mind; a new wearable device will ensure parents always know exactly where their children are.

Moochies for Kids is a smartphone that kids wear like a watch.

Despite its toy-like appearance, it's more than just a gimmick. Kids can make and receive calls to and from pre-screened numbers, and the built-in GPS tracking means you can track the wearer's exact location via a separate smartphone app.The Moochies device can be tracked via an accompanying smartphone app

Parents download the Moochies app onto their own phone and can then keep tabs on the precise location of their offspring.

The device can make outbound calls, but only two numbers can be called. It's effectively a phone for ringing mum and dad.

It will accept calls from up to 20 numbers, but the call list is pre-approved by a parent so strangers can't get through. The watch runs off a pay-as-you-go sim card.

Parents can also set a pre-determined ‘safe zone’. Using GPS tracking, the device sends a notification to the parent's smartphone if their child strays outside of this space.

It's even got a panic button. If a child gets into trouble, they can press this SOS button. Once pressed, it alerts the app holder that the child is in trouble and sends a 15-second recording of all the sounds around the child straight to the parent’s phone.

Adrian Lisle, founder of Moochies for Kids, said: “We designed the watch and app not to restrict children from having fun, but to put parents’ minds at rest once their children start making their own way to and from school and to see their friends.

"It’s a modern day problem which so many parents can relate to, and we’ve come up with an innovative solution through a fashionable watch for kids that helps to ease them into the process of being independent, with the support of a safety net.”

The device comes in four colours: black, orange, pink and blue. Moochies for Kids is on sale now for £79.99 – the app is free to download for iOS and Android.

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