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Tested: Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB drive

With more storage than most of us will know what to do with, Seagate’s backup drive is a great option for keeping your data safe

Oh happy day when a gadget is genuinely as easy to use as it’s meant to be. Keeping a backup of all the crucial documents, data and memories on your computer is something many of us are meaning to get around to. But, you know, hassle.

What you need, once you get the motivation up to safeguard your data, is a backup drive that’s so simple to use you’ll be happy to have it. That’s exactly what we found when we tried out the Samsung Backup Plus Fast 4TB.

That 4TB in its name signifies a hulking four terabytes of storage space. For most home users, that’s an almost indecent amount of room – enough for 1,000 movies or 1 million songs. All but the most committed movie collector will find it ample space for backing up their stuff.

Shop around and you can pick up this massive storage space for a shade under £200. So, tons of space and pretty affordable: that’s two big ticks right there. Some critics have complained that it’s a little on the bulky side for a portable drive, but that seems harsh. It’s not really that big, considering it holds two 2TB drives inside. The whole unit is a shade smaller than two decks of cards laid side-by-side; plenty small enough to be chucked in a bag and carried around with a laptop.

Setting it up is as simple as plugging it in. The drive is powered by USB, so you don’t need a separate power cable (a double USB cable is supplied for low-power devices). Once it’s hooked into your USB port, the backup software will install and you’re ready to go.

Running the software is, once again, agreeably straightforward (although there’s very little detail about the progress of your backup while it’s taking place). As the name promises, the backup process is plenty fast – CNET reported the drive as being the fastest available in its class. 

So there’s your backup done, but you do get some extra features as well. One of the neatest is a connection with your social media accounts. Fill in your log-in details and you can automatically upload all your computer’s photos to Flickr (or Facebook), or vice versa. You can also use the drive as expandable storage for your Xbox One.

The Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB drive is fast, reliable and easy to use – a great choice for anyone looking to keep their data safe.’s review of the Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB drive was carried out on a review model supplied by

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