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Sometimes we come across things that touch us in the most unexpected places. Sometimes we find things so powerful you have to share them.

Today’s blog is about one of those things.

When I started blogging, I was hoping to share some of my views and experiences. At times I have referred to different relationship dynamics and how we as fathers cope and deal with emotions and circumstance:  the scary, the frustrating, the painful as well as the funny and humorous. I know as my relationship grows and matures with my own children and with my parents, faults become known, dealt with and accepted. It is the way relationships evolve.

One of the greatest challenges is expectations. Do we as parents set expectations and hope our children fulfil them? Or do you question how we will fulfil our role as a parent.

I came across a clip from a school poetry event and wanted to share it – it is just under three minutes long. Once you have watched it, I encourage you to ponder this question: what would my child say of me?

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