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Chemistry Homework

Sometimes as a non-resident parent what you really miss are the little incidental moments with your children. Last night I had such a moment, over chemistry homework.

Chatting on the phone with my eldest son can feel like a chore, to him, but this weekend we chatted for at least 15 minutes, and the subject a was chemistry. Starting at secondary school my son now does chemistry, physics and maths as separate subjects. So his best day at school includes maths, physics and chemistry.

It was discussing his chemistry that got him so effused and we discussed their study of indicators and universal indicator solution, acids and alkaline. In chatting we talked about his fish and how we did water tests for them, and I explained that these where indicators of sorts. He was excited about telling his teacher about how he tests for nitrate and nitrites, it was a wonderful conversation and I was happy, but it also made me think.

It would have been much better had we been able to talk and I could have shown him as he was doing his homework. It was all in the past and his homework had been done. The fact his dad was good at chemistry was new to him and something we should have shared as he started his homework, but as an ‘non-resident’ parent I have to accept that this will be one of many little moments I will miss. Not because I want to but I have been forced to.

However the up side is an 11 year old wanting to chat was great and I know it will lead to more chemistry based chats. so I look on the bright side and remember a saying I read:-

“It’s only when I fall, that I realise I can fly!”

Till next time.

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