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Dad friendly?

As many of you know I have a part time job working at a major supermarket chain. I recently put in a holiday request, only to have it turned down.

When I reviewed my holidays I have put in 5 requests for holiday that have all been turned down either by the dept. manager or the HR dept, stating the store had too many people on holiday on this day or that.

I was reviewing my contact with my children over the summer and due to my ex wife having 3 weeks holiday out of the country and my inability to get time off I only have 5 extra days in the eight weeks the boys have off school.

It is frustrating that I know on days I have been unable to get a planned day off that others have had emergencies and had time off or been sick. You want to be fair as an employee to your employer but at times I do think that single non-resident dads should be extended the same rights as a parent with residential children, but we are often not.

So how dad-friendly are employers?

We now have paternity leave and the ability to share maternity leave, but in a regular company as a non-resident parent, my needs for time off in holidays to see my children appears to fail to be considered in the same way as a single mother. I have talked to other fathers who after a divorce have not been able to take time off to care for a sick child because you’re not deemed to be the primary Carer. Though ‘time off for dependants’ applies to all parents with parental right, it seems that some have not read the memo.

For me, I am now taking a different approach. Any holiday or flexibility I need to ensure I can see my boys will be approached from the different point of view, they will be based on time off for dependants and family friendly working practices.

I don’t know if it will work but it is worth a try, especially if it gets me time with my boys.

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