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Having spent a week giving a range of people wellbeing checks looking at blood pressures , BMIs and other health indicators, I have been thinking about how we as parents care for ourselves.

As I speak to people about their health it amazes me how many people didn’t check their health more regularly and alarmingly how many said I am over weight but I don’t want to know….many of these had children. Whilst having something confirmed might be emotionally painful to us the loss of a parent can be devastating to a child.

Not only does how we look after ourselves creates the blue print for what habits our children pick up and deem as acceptable. Good habits give our children the best start possible, form healthy eating to regular exercise and drinking lots of water. So when I went to watch my youngest son play rugby I had this floating in my mind as I watched lots of parents standing around drinking lots of coffee, I started to consider how many where over weight. I saw my ex-wife and realised how much weight she had put on, I didn’t want to say anything but I worry – I had friends at school who lost parents by heart attacks and realised that could be my children being short of one parent.

Whilst I don’t want to preach about lifestyle’s and be a harbinger of doom but should we as parents have a duty of care to ensure our children are healthy? Don’t we deserve it to our children to be there for them as long as possible?

Your health and your life- live it how you will, but remember the moment you have a child you have a responsibility , and that might mean changing how you live your life and making sure you are there for them as long as possible. So have a think and see what you might do to set a better healthier example and be there for your kids and grandkids that little longer.

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