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Lost Phone

I had my phone stolen last week and it brought home the fact we are now over reliant on technology. I use to know telephone numbers and now we tend to use the lap top or speed dial to store data and we don’t know the numbers.

So I came to realise that I don’t know my Ex-wife’s mobile or new home number, nor do I know the number to my son’s mobile. I rely on text and just pressing  button, so when I had my phone stolen it felt like having an arm cut off.

Not only was it numbers but as I progressed over the day trying to organise a new sim and get a replacement phone, not easy when you are in Fleetwood and your address is 300 miles away!! But I started to think about all the things on the phone which I can’t replace, like photos I had taken of my boys in the last few weeks over the holidays which I hadn’t had time to backup.

Strange that it is the main point of contact for me from my children and it meant I missed an evening call from them,  as I use it for emails I had to resort to waiting untill I could get to a laptop and log on to the internet to do emails. As a Dad I know how important it is to me to feel my children can call me any time they feel they need to, but knowing you can’t contact them or you’re not there if they try, is hard.

A day later I have a placement phone( but this is an android not an iphone) and sim,  so I now have to go about reloading information and its all on my iphone back up LOL and not yet on the new phone, but I did get a message from my eldest son, who will be disappointed as he rang to tell me of a free download for the iphone of Plants v Zombies 2…… I only hope I can download stuff off the cloud to the phone to save their progress on various games lol.

The thing I have learnt is to get an old fashioned address book with names and numbers or a hard copy of important numbers in the car or my wallet, and then to learn the few that I need to know, especially those of my family and loved ones….but also to ensure my children know my number without needing their phones!!!

Till next Week

PS- Plant V’s Zombies 2 isn’t on ANDROID…..


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