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Mother’s Day Presents

This is a hard blog to write as I have just returned from court because I had been accused of breaching a court settlement by my ex. So after five hours in front of a Circuit Judge the case was dismissed.  

I decided not to pursue costs as it wouldn’t benefit my children, perhaps that is her Mother’s Day present.

But what do I do to help the children get her for Mother’s Day?

I sat watching Coronation Street and Dev complained of Fathers Day and birthdays being the preserve of the Mug. As a non-resident father, my cupboards are full of mugs from these events. Is this an easy don’t have to think present for a parent and affordable and easy to buy with children who don’t want to shop?

What is the female equivalent? Flowers and chocolate never last longer than a week and are the easy option, but do you get a gift that is convenient or invest time and effort in helping the children doing something special and homemade? There isn’t an array of mother’s day cups and perfume that is cheap and also very personal to an individual. Perhaps cooking stuff- but again, is that a bad image to set for two boys- that mum just cooks?

I looked at the supermarket websites and its all wine, chocolates and pampering stuff, all of which I feel inappropriate for ex husband buying for children to get….. so the list we will go shopping for at the moment includes  books, ornaments or similar …however my eldest is making a good case for an App for her ipad, which they can share…. I hope it doesn’t end up with a frustrated ‘let’s just get anything’ as they don’t want to shop.

No matter what we get, I have to remember it is about my children and their mother and no matter how she treats me; I have to set aside and remember I as a father I have to encourage a positive relationship between them and their mother. If my boys want to give her a mug or an iPad app, I will smile, give them the money and know that no matter what it is, it will be given, with love and I must always support that.

‘til next week.


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