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The hug

Sometimes as a father you have moments of pure unexpected happiness. Moments you cherish because they just happened and they mean so much. I had one of those moments this weekend. I had managed to organise a new routine with my ex-wife. She brought my children to my place of work on a Saturday for me to take them home for an overnight on Saturday, with me returning them on Sunday.


This first over night stay of 2015 was going to be interesting. I finished work and sat in my car waiting, no text or call and as in the past my ex has been such a pain dropping the children off at exactly the agreed time it was a bit nervous wait for me, especially as they were not there and late … and no text.

The car pulled in to the car park at 8 minutes after the agreed time by my phone, I got out to meet them and then it happened. My 12 year old who is at that age where they don’t want to hug or cuddle ran over and gave me a hug. Not a cursory hug but a hard don’t want to let go hug, that lasted what felt like hours. A hug that said I love you dad, so unexpected and strong it felt like there might be something wrong. His brother came over and joined the hug , which was broken only their mother calling them to get their bags.

The timing, the fact that the hug was initiated by my son, who normally shies away from affectionate moment, the fact it was unexpected all meant that it was very special. A time that I will always remember as one of those very special moments of unconditional love, and affection. As quickly as it appeared it becomes a memory but one of those quality memories you will relive every day.

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