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TV Memories

Our childhood memories often drive a desire to create similar situations or memories for our own children.  From attending a football or rugby match, Sunday lunch or a family Christmas dinner.

There are many things that as a father, I want to share with my children; from the music I liked as a young man to my favourite films or books. Perhaps it’s is the cultural things we value the most as they help shape. Perhaps it can offer insight into who we are and where we come from, as well as creating a bit of history and therefore our children (a bit deep).

One thing I remember as a child is watching and talking about my father’s programmes on TV: The Goodies, Tom Browns School Days, The Water Margins and Monty Python. He use to describe sketches to us the following day. Now with internet,  DVDs and Google,  it is possible to show things in seconds of the idea coming to your head. Whilst this is great, does your child get a chance to see you expression as you recall a sketch, a moment or a programme?

My boys know I love judo and martial arts and they have listened to my dad and I chat and discuss all manner of subjects. They have become aware, just as I hope you haveof the Goodies (the thinking man‘s Monty Python). It started with the art of Ecky Thump and Kitten Kong, hearing my father and I discuss them,  the boys have then gone and watched the sketches on You Tube and together, we have watched elements of the box-set ourselves . My eldest was amazed that Bill Oddie wasn’t just a man who watched birds or Graham Gardner wasn’t just someone who was on the new quiz on radio 4.

Whilst it might be seen as a mad cap gene, they have entered into the spirit and contributed to the development of the art of Ecky Thump within the family.

As a father, sharing your memories can also be an area laced with disappointment when your children see things as old hat or low tech. For instance, my eldest didn’t get ‘Rhubarb and Custardand some old cartoon series like Hong Kong Fuey or Danger Mouse. They are seen as old fashioned, but when you  get past the low tech disdain, you get to relive memories and create moments that touch your heart. Thundercats and the original Ninja Turtles have been watched and shared.

Sharing new experiences with my children and helping create memories have followed my eldest and I enjoy catching up with MARVELS Agents Of Shield and watching the box-set Arrow with a pizza.  To be honest, I can‘t wait till he is old enough to be able to share The West Wing, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, Spartacus and Game of Thrones.

With TV becoming available 24/7, its importance to the family has changed. I remember watching Harold Lloyd with my grandma and Flash Gordon with my dad from retelling me of when they use to watch it at the cinema on a Saturday morning. Now I share it with my children on YouTube. The location may have changed, but the memory of shared family entertainment doesn’t.


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