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Dad-Fit Infomercial

Are you ready for a New Year fitness boost? Are you sick and tired of fitness videos and monotonous exercise classes? Then we at Dad-Fit have the perfect work-out for you!

You can stay in shape and trim down to your ideal weight without spending a single minute exercising. Just call our free-phone number at the bottom of this blog and we will send you two headstrong toddlers that will run you ragged through-out the day and burn off all those excess calories without even trying. Just follow our simple daily programme below and see those pounds fall away as the bags under your eyes grow!

Stairmaster – simply carry your tired toddler up and down the stairs twenty times a day and feel those glutes firm up

100 metre sprint – chase your naughty toddler around the park trying to catch them when it is time to come home and they want just one more go on the slides.

Power-lifting – pick your toddler up 50 times a day as they insist on a variety of hugs, tickles or a look in the mirror.

Crunches– crawl around on the floor with your toddler and alternate between lying on your back as you grab a quick rest and sitting up to pretend you are interested in the magnificent Lego creation they have in their hand. Great for building that six-pack.

Lunges – work your quads by reaching down rapidly to grab your toddler’s arm before they throw a plate of food on the onto the floor or spill juice all over your laptop.

Horse-rides – work out those back muscles by giving your toddler a horse ride until you drop.

Nappy wrestling – a full body work out that tests your strength, agility and reflexes. Simply attempt to change your toddlers’ poo-filled nappy when they are in a bad mood without smearing the smelly stuff all over the room.

So, don’t hesitate. Stocks are low and this offer is available for a limited period only. Don’t be disappointed and miss out on your chance to be the man you know you can be. Call now and secure your very own Arun and Meri exercise regime.

Free-phone 0800 MUPPET for your free weekend trial today!


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