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Managing behaviour

As a children’s entertainer, a sports coach, a teacher and a parent I have had to deal with bad or disruptive behaviour…

As dads how do we mange behaviour in a more positive way?

I have been to seminars; training sessions read books and talked to those who have experienced similar situations. For all the tips and tricks I have had seen or used, they are just that techniques or systems to manage, very few have been able to offer more than coping systems.

I was surprised and pleased this week when I came across someone who talked about changing us individuals to create a different reaction and therefore mange behaviour in a more positive way. The speaker was consistent and recognised that as parents or teachers we often react in the way we were brought up and not the way we should. I hope to explore some of his ideas in future blogs, ideas like stripping out emotions and working with others to be consistent in your messages, working as with your partner as a couple.

I have discovered how to maintain my own discipline when dealing with children who have lost theirs. Something I have used and practice in the classroom and with my boys when I saw them this week. Keeping a poker face in the midst of chaos is difficult. It has been hard at times in the past be it as a coach and teacher as I often use to use volume as a way of asserting authority, something that stems from days of doing children’s magic shows in holiday parks competing with parents chatting. Something I know I have done with my boys when they are arguing and emotion takes over rather than reason.

The trainer I spent time with was Paul Dix, from Pivatol Education, a company who specialise in behaviour management. Their website has some great free resources on it for teachers and parents.  The sort of help that we often say as parents no one teaches you that…well Paul and his company does. The free resources include podcasts which whilst aimed at teachers contain some wonderful tips and advice.

I don’t often recommend courses but I was so impressed with Paul’s approach, the results I have had in the class room and at home, in such a short time I would suggest ANY parent experiencing behaviour issues or wanting to improve their relationships with their children, may want to look at their online parenting course, more information can be found at If you do contact them mention

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