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Kids vs Dogs

They’re cute and furry, and the boys have asked us on several occasions if we can get one as a pet….

But from what I’ve seen of dogs, I think it’d be easier to have another baby than get a dog. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Dogs cost a fortune. Veterinarian bills, dog food, leads, balls, etc…dog’s ain’t cheap, and I’d rather spend money on a holiday.

2. Dogs poo. Just like kids, dogs produce a lot of poo. The thing is, kids eventually learn to poo in the toilet, but you have to clean up a dog’s poo forever. Or for several years, at least. And I’d like to think my poo-cleaning days will come to an end at some point in the not-too-distant future.

3. Dogs can’t dogs everywhere you go. Barring a few exceptions, you can take kids most places you go: on holiday, on airplanes, to London for the day, to the supermarket. But you can’t take dogs everywhere you go. You have to pay for a kennel or beg a kind family member to take them in (and pick up their poo) for a week.

4. Dogs get up early their whole life. I might be spending a dogs lifetime getting up in the cold, hanging around at the back door in my underwear waiting for an animal to pee. I’m hanging on for the teenage years when my boys wake up some time close to noon.

5. Kids can walk themselves. I know they can’t straight away but at least in a few years they can. I know my boys will tell me that they will walk the pet but I’m fairly sure it will be left to me once the novelty value has worn off.

Dogs are great. I’m just happy we’ve got friends and family who have dogs our boys can play with…and we never have to scoop a poo.

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