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Great Dads come in many shapes and sizes

I want to talk about what it is to be a great Dad and specifically that, despite how it is perhaps portrayed, great Dads can be great in many different ways (just like Mums by the way). Every Dad is unique in what they have to offer, the sacrifices they make and how they make their impact. I’m a Dad who is single, sharing contact with my children, working hard but also part time to make sure I can see my children as much as possible. This article is about the other Dads I see in my life and what I love and appreciate about them. I hope you come away feeling like there’s no one way to be and that you can shine in your own way.

The Stay at Home Dad

One Dad I know is a stay at home Dad. He was always super committed, worked half time to spend time with his son. He was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago (fortunately now 5 years cancer free), had to quit work, and has ever since been the stay at home Dad. Without wanting to speak for him about what has been hard about this, it’s been inspirational to see how he throws himself into ingratiating himself with the other parents at school, has volunteered to run the after school club and has altogether been a perfect role model for his son on what it means to be a man.

The Commuting Dad

The complete contrast is another Dad, commutes long distance so his family of three children can live near in laws in a nice part of the country. He provides a stable base for his family, and is as heavily involved as he can be the rest of the time. He’s often found out with the children at the weekend, spending quality time with his children, giving his wife a break, and creating balance in his life.

No Right

My point here is there is no right. I know Dads who are developing their houses while looking after their children, Dads who have taken sabbaticals to have time with their children, a step-Dad who fills in for an absent Dad, and even a family with no Dad, where Mum is organising for other positive male role models to provide. I guess my advice is to be authentically you and make that your own perfect Dad character.

About the Author

60:40 Dad, has two boys (4 and 5yrs). He has been separated from the Mother of his children for two years now and his children live with him 40% of the time. 60:40 Dad works part time allowing him the flexibility to spend some weekdays with my children, to be there for school drop off and pick ups and try and make things balance. 60:40 Dad is keeping his real name private to avoid shining the internet’s spotlight on his children.

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