International Men's Day 2019

It is International Men’s Day today and at first view the twittersphere looks like an uncharacteristically kind place, male-shaming seems to be being kept in check by a stream of support about the need to support men to be open, honest and ready to reach out and ask for help. There will always be the sneering toxic masculinity narrative but here at we love everyone. We understand that individuals who might have some of the privileges attached to being male are also part of a group who are really struggling.

Men are most vulnerable to suicide, more likely to be murdered, most likely to be lonely.

Here is the thing.

Masculinity has nothing to do with being manly, manning up, being stoic it is about working hard to become the best version of yourself you can. So today; be honest, caring, compassionate, respectful, hardworking and vulnerable.

Ian Soars, our CEO recently read an article with the headline 'Where now for men?'. So on this #InternationalMensDay here are his thoughts.


I think there is an inherent difficulty in the question, Where now for men?

It's like when a football team drops out of the Premier League and everyone asks "what now for these failures?". I think the future for men is pretty much as it always has been; to be the best we can be, to be great Dads, partners and husbands. To take out the rubbish and catch children as they fall out of trees. To challenge our kids and release those we love to be the best that they can be and give them room to figure out what that is. To support our friends when they get in trouble and reach out to others who need a hand...we all know life can be tough.

To roar our children on in football games and hold each other to account when we make mistakes...and to catch each other when we make BIG mistakes. To have adventure and try the impossible...whether that's climb a mountain or Lego tower.

To act all the parts far too dramatically when we read to our babies and place a hand of a shoulder when it's shaking with tears. To be decent and kind and cover each drink and laugh together.

Recently I have been far more intentional about swallowing my pride and making new maybe “Where now for men?” would be about reminding ourselves how much better it is to tough life out in the company of men...and stop being so isolated.

If you are feeling isolated or want the support and solidarity of other Dads come and join our forum.

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