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Can I Get Legal Aid?

When you separate or divorce, there will inevitably be some costs involved. If you are unable or choose not to handle things between solely yourselves, and you seek mediation or court action, then these costs become a lot higher. looks at what legal aid covers and who is eligible for it.



Getting support with these costs is called ‘legal aid’ but there are only certain situations that it is available – so in most cases, the chances are that you will not be eligible for it – but it is important to check to make sure.

What does legal aid cover?

In family cases, where there are costs relating to divorce, child custody arrangements, etc, where someone is eligible to receive it, legal aid can cover:

  • Mediation
  • Legal advice on the agreements from mediation
  • Legal advice and representation in court

Who is eligible for legal aid?

To be eligible for legal aid for divorce, you should expect to demonstrate that

a)            you cannot afford to pay for the legal support yourself,


b)            you are under 18, in a forced marriage, or you or your child have been the victim of abuse (abuse covers psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse).

It is also important to be aware that you may still be required to contribute to the costs or pay it back later.

To check if you qualify for legal aid, visit the website to use their interactive legal aid checker tool which will give you an idea of your eligibility.

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