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Happy Easter

I often look at Easter as a time of new beginnings.

But for many of us, our hoped for new beginnings remain uncomfortably flavoured with the old. We haven’t accepted that things important to us, perhaps a job, home or even a relationship have come to an end.

Endings are a process.

They may mean admitting where we have gone wrong in the past and committing not to repeating those mistakes.

It might mean changing aspects of ourselves that are not healthy or perhaps forgiving the wrongs that others have committed against us but don’t seem to care about the hurt we have suffered. People will emotionally hurt us and actually, if we are honest with ourselves, we will emotionally hurt others sometimes. This means that new beginnings are more than desired, they are needed. They often start with an I’m sorry – particularly in the context of family. and those apologies cost.

So here’s to you, to your new beginning, to the sacrifices you might have made AND the delight they bring. To deeper relationships with our kids because we know how to say sorry and change. Here’s to our partners/expartners because we understood how our actions impacted them and we are forgiving the actions they committed against us. Here’s to hope.

Easter points towards hope and love beyond our dreams. Give us a fair wind, we can share with our children and families.

Happy Easter from Ian and the crew.

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