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The Sorting out separation web app is the first place to look for anyone needing help and support after separation.

It will help you:

  • Work out what areas you need help with as a separated parent
  • Find information on a range of issues such as parenting apart, housing, money and employment
  • Find other tools, services and expert organisations that can provide more specialist support
  • Be inspired to find the right support by listening to other separated parents stories.

The web app is part of the Help and Support for Separated Families network, which aims to help separated parents work together to achieve what’s best for their children.

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  • Guest
    Russell Saturday, 18 June 2016

    Maintenance issues

    Just wandering if some one can advise My ex wife has informed me that my son who is 18 is taking a gap year then returning to Uni in September 2017 and she said I will need to start maintenance payments to her again when he starts is this correct.

  • Team 1 Team 1 Monday, 20 June 2016

    Hi Russell - thank you for your comment. It maybe helpful for you to check with the child maintenance people - the link to their website is below:

    It may also be helpful if you post your question on our DAD.Info forum page where I community of Dads may be able to offer advice based on their experiences. We also have a team of experienced moderators who may be able to help you further - here's the link

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.

    Kind regards

    DAD.Info Team

  • Guest
    Mr Miller Monday, 17 October 2016

    Payments for children

    My wife and I are currently in process of separating and we have already agreed that both children will spend equal time with us both and the nightly stops will also be shared equally throughout the week.
    I have also said I will pay for any activities that they do (my daughter does dance and my son football and Judo), school trips, school extras and I would also pay for what else they need as and when required.

    She is suggesting that I also have to pay her a further weekly payment.

    Can you please advise.
    Many thanks

  • Guest
    Tim Thursday, 09 February 2017


    Hi my daughter turned 16 last August ad is leaving school and starting college this September she is going to do theatrical makeup a 3 day per week Btec course her mother states I will have to continue to pay child maintenance until she is 20! I'm happy to support my child but would prefer her to receive the money directly as her mother refuses to give her any money at all even pocket money can anyone tell me what the law state on this
    Thanks in advance

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Guest Wednesday, 26 April 2017