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[Solved] Child Arrangement

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I had my child arrangement order and I got alternate weekends after November. Between that time and now, I get Saturday every week 4 hours increasing to 8 hours.

I'd like to go back to court to get every weekend, how likely is that?

My circumstances have permanently change since then and so I am able to accomodate more time for my child.

Topic starter Posted : 15/08/2020 1:59 am
Prominent Member Registered

Unless your ex agrees to every weekend contact family courts wont grant it. At moment its contact been built up slowly working towards every other weekend . This is contact which all dads get once there are no safeguarding issues and normally something that also occurs when dad for no fault of their own been absent and not seen child for a significant amount of time. Very common whilst going through the long family court process. You can normally ask for midweek contact and half of the holidays as well if u can do it

Posted : 15/08/2020 3:06 am

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