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Child maintenance

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I would appreciate some advice .
My annual child maintenance was for review .
They have not taken account of any shared care arrangements. Children stay with me every 2 weeks for 2 nights and then half the school holidays .
This has been going on since September.
My understanding it is up to resident parent ( mother in my case ) to inform them . Perhaps I should have but when I initially mentioned it on the first set up they said need a court order confirming this .
I haven’t contacted them yet but I have 30 days to appeal them a tribunal if they don’t agree .
Of note they did not write to me one month before the review .

So essentially I have the children around 80 nights a year but they have not taken into account .
Anyone had success changing it as I am sure my ex won’t tell the real situation .

Topic starter Posted : 20/02/2021 2:04 pm
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in their booklet it states they accept formal or informal evidence of shared care:

I have only given them court orders as proof. do you have any kind of informal proof, just as email exchanges, or calendar entries? if they don't agree then I think you should appeal.

Posted : 20/02/2021 5:30 pm

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