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Nmo refute and child arrangement

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Hi all received nmo which I’m gonna refute the allegations..also in the process could I ask to have contact with the children in process as I have applied for c100 even if it’s contact center supervised whilst awaiting evidence hearing ?? Any advice be brilliant

Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2021 1:32 am
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Yes you can apply alongside it and potentially both aspects will be combined.

It all depends on the allegations and your exs willingness. If the allegations are of any harm to children and your ex is difficult about things then it becomes more tricky but not impossible.

It all depends on your response and hers and what cafcass/SS say..

I think I read on your other thread that your child is 9. If so, worst case scenario you should be asking for indirect contact via video calls. Use Skype so that the calls can be recorded and no further allegations can be made. This keeps your relationship with child going, although appreciate its not easy. However it prevents future allegations of having to rebuild a relationship slowly.. Plus once contact via Skype is established, as Skype is a messenger app kids can message when they want. If ex stops them and they want to contact you they will nag..

If you have friends/family who could facilitate contact even prior to court (non mol should allow contact with ex via third party for the purpose of child contact, although check the wording) then it would make life easier in the long run for ongoing contact with child. You can say contact has been ongoing, albeit supported in the interim.

Its complex and you need to tackle one thing at a time. As your ex has legal aid, her solicitor will be an expert in delaying things and all the tricks. So you will need to be patient and logical and deal with things as they arise.

All the best.

Posted : 02/03/2021 3:05 am

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