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[Solved] When to resume Overnights

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After months of no correspondence from my ex and her refusing to discuss lockdown and sensible proposals for my daughter, I received an email this week stating that unless I start having my daughter overnight again that she will go to CMS and advise them I am under the threshold, further claiming I had only had her less over the last year than I have. Clearly the whole email is a set up to use my reply as evidence to the CMS.

Ignoring the money side of it, my thoughts are on when will CMS consider it expected that overnights begin again and is that now? I have kept in regular contact with my daughter, meeting her for socially distanced walks and bike rides and she has been happy with the arrangement, and so have I.

The ex works in healthcare and is exposed to covid, we have vulnerable people in both households and family, and I think rushing back is not needed. I realise it will be relatively soon, but I want to balance risk against what CMS will consider something that should be now happening.

Any advice or knowledge is appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2020 2:10 pm
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CMS website is busted right now. but the last time i checked, there was a message on there that said if a parent is going to be kept away from seeing kids during the lockdown, then this is temporary, and CMS will not be making any changes to overnight stays and payment calculations.

i think you should resume overnight stays, since you have the chance. i may have to wait till september to see kids.

Posted : 14/06/2020 3:08 pm
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Thanks Bill, I had seen the website statement but it also says if this becomes longer term it should be reported. I guess my question is when would CMS consider that time over and overnight should resume. Not expecting you to know that answer, more if someone had an experience of the same and had an answer.

As said, its not a simple answer to just resume overnights, its not just me in my house. The ex is exposed to covid daily and to me it was easier to err on the safe side, particularly as I can still see my daughter regularly.

It will come soon but not wanting to be bullied by ex into doing so. Of course if pubs etc are open and I am going to them then I cannot continue to have the same stance, but at this moment I think it is still too early in my opinion, given the circumstances......

Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2020 3:15 pm
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Not until at the very least they tell people they no longer need to shield.
Csm wont be doing anything regardless what she says.
don't you want to start overnights again. July 25th start of summer holidays may be a good time to resume overnights as you could perhaps have week blocks throughout summer holidays

Posted : 14/06/2020 5:53 pm
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Yes I do want to resume.

But, everyone is still social distancing, face masks etc etc and ex just wants me to take my daughter for overnight stays when she is not prepared to discuss her own situation, if she has been tested etc etc. She said that is none of my business. Remember she is working in an environment exposed to covid each day. I want a discussion, an agreement, not 'I am telling you nothing, but start now or the CMS will be contacted'

If I import it to my house and family, then there are a couple of people that would be very exposed.

If I had not been able to see my daughter over the last two weeks it would be different, but I live close by and seeing her at least twice a week. So is working well, why expose to risk now(even if I agree it is not high).......

Anyway related to my original question, really it is the CMS view on when it would be expected that a NRP should be doing overnight stays again and you have answered that....

Thanks for your input.

Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2020 10:21 pm

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