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[Solved] Maintenance Calculation is higher for one child than for two children

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I have two children for whom I pay maintenance - my son aged 16 who shares his time 50/50 with myself and his mother, and my daughter aged 13 who lives solely with her mother.

Currently, the nominal 16% maintenance calculation of my gross taxable income is reduced because of the shared care of my son to 12% less a further discount of £7/week.
When my son leaves full time education he will drop out of the maintenance calculation and so I will then pay maintenance only for my daughter - at 12% of gross taxable income, with no deduction for shared care (so no additional £7/week deduction).

So bizarrely, the maintenance calculation for just my daughter is actually higher than for both my son and my daughter combined.

Topic starter Posted : 11/02/2020 5:42 am
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CMS say that if you have exactly 50/50 care for a child, then you pay zero mainentance. just to clarify, is this what CMS are aware of in your case? sorry all those % figures make me dizzy lol.

Posted : 12/02/2020 12:27 am
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Only one of my children stays half their time at my house whilst the other one stays only with her mother. I still pay maintenance in respect of both children as that is what my ex- has claimed for, however it is discounted due to the shared care of my son - meaning that I have to house and feed him when he is with me and meet any other ‘day to day’ living costs, however I am not obliged to pay for stuff like his school trips, school shoes, winter coat, pocket money or any other expense not considered ‘day to day living costs’ (though I choose to give him some money).

Anyway, the basic rate maintenance for 1 child is 12% of gross income and for 2 children is 16%.
Shared care discount for one child only is half of half the total, I.e. 4% plus £7/week.
Hence total maintenance for both children (with one shared care) is actually lower than just for one child (with no shared care).

Topic starter Posted : 12/02/2020 5:28 am

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