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[Solved] Serious CMS query but light hearted giggle

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Hi all.

I've posted twice an the advise has been reassuring so thank you.. one final question if i may (for now anyway).

Is changing a name on a bill without that person knowing, fraud?

This isn't meant aggressively but light hearted giggle at my circumstance (have to laugh otherwise I would be forever shaking my head in disbelief).

I was paying my ex 2x what CMS would recommend in a family arrangement (for 2 years) and she is now demanding 4x the amount in an email 4 weeks ago.... I went to CMS to start a claim (and protect myself as well) as this would mean an independent 3rd party would assess the liability.

This morning my ex has sent me an email stating she now wants to be more amicable and would like to work things out but she is changing all the childcare and nursery fees invoices and accounts over to my name (which obviously i haven't agreed) ... in a kind of trojan horse, hidden attack in a nice way.

Obviously I informed CMS that I could effectively be double paying if I pay CMS and all childcare fees anyway and needless to say they were ...... not good...

They actually stated they don't care what she spends the money on... and if she changes names on bills, thats not for them to deal with it..... so i kinda wonder, why on earth CMS exist? it seems they are just an admin service for a calculation which is a bit of a waste of taxpayers money since a lot of debt collection is automated nowadays...

Meant to be lighthearted but see the below email from my ex... (for detail).

Dear Steve,
> I have considered everything that
> has happened over the last few weeks, I just want to put an
> end to any bad feeling and move on in a more civil way
> for the interests of Ben and Emily.
> Childcare
> I am happy to pay the costs of September child care
> arrangements for Ben and Emily on Friday
> PM’s. However, from the 1st
> October, your name is on the payments invoice.
You will be invoiced at the
> end of each month for the following month.
I have arranged for the invoices to be changed into
> your name from 1st
> October.
> Again, I will arrange for a separate
> invoice
> to be emailed to you directly.
>Also If you would prefer to cancel either
> of the childcare
> arrangements for Friday PM sessions, you will need to give 1
> month’s notice as well as find alternative childcare cover for them.
> Could you also consider and let me know if you have
> any preference for
> Christmas and the following year school holidays. As I will be applying for my A/L
> shortly, but
> wanted to check your holiday requirements first.
> Clothes
> I really appreciate you buying some
> lovely clothes for the
> children, I will continue to pass them back to you so that
> you have plenty at
> your house. Would you be able to do the
> same and send back the clothes that I have bought, including
> socks and pants.
> I hope this email has not caused offence, as it not
> intended
> in that way. I prefer to keep this civil
> without any accusations or bad feeling.

Topic starter Posted : 06/09/2017 12:34 am
Illustrious Member Registered

I wouldn't have thought she can sign them over to you without you having any input, I would contact the childcare providers and state that you had not been consulted and as you aren't the resident parent you are not responsible for the fees.

Posted : 06/09/2017 3:09 am
Illustrious Member

She has absolutely no basis to do this - this is contract law, and nothing to do with family law. However, now you are aware of it, I would write to the nursery to tell them that you were not party to that contract and you don't accept it, otherwise potentially by allowing it to continue, you could be seen to be agreeing with it.

Posted : 07/09/2017 1:29 am

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