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[Solved] Court and Contact

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Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this.

So I am currently going through court and we had our first hearing at the beginning of the month. Court said to continue contact and see my daughter more. That's what I'm doing but my ex is being difficult.
my daughter wants to see my house cos shes never seen it before, so I asked if my ex and my daughter could stay here for a few says, on top of me staying up in her town for 4 days. So id spend 4 days there then those two would come back to my town for 3 days or something and my ex is saying no.
Where do I stand with this? Cos court didn't say no to over night stays or anything and my ex is complaining about the cost; she earns double what i get and i have the same expenses in terms of travel and hotel. Plus i'll have my 1 year old with me, my wife can't do the journey this time cos she'll be a week away from her due date.
Should I contact Cafcass and see what they say?
And do yous have any suggestions for us? I'm so lost on what to do cos every time I offer something I get shut down; I just want to see my daughter more

Topic starter Posted : 25/09/2020 2:27 am
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Is there a child arrangement order in place that says your kid can stay overnights? If there isn't then there is not a huge amount you can do about it right now until the final hearing and an official CAO is in place. If there is an CAO in place that states you do have them overnight, then she is breaching the order which you can then enforce by taking it back to court.

How far do you live from your ex? If you want the kid over night, I would suggest you do pick up and drop offs rather than having you ex come over for a few days too.

Posted : 25/09/2020 12:53 pm
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My ex took my daughter 4 hours away out of spite. There's nothing in place as I tried for 2 years to come to an agreement with my ex but she kept saying no so I thought court would be best. Court and cafcass just said to continue contact. Our next hearing is in December and they're investigating my ex for leaving our daughter alone in the mornings. She's 5. It looks like my daughter had been left alone for 30 minutes each morning my ex worked for the last year and I didn't know.
But my daughter wants to see where I live and I live next to a hotel so my ex and daughter could stay there. My ex says she'd have to pay for travel and a hotel and all that and it's the exact thing I do every time i visit. I don't see why it should be so one sided when this town is where my daughter was born and grew up for almost 3 years.

Topic starter Posted : 26/09/2020 4:51 am
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The best way is to try and get your ex to agree to some overnight contact. However you would have to pick up and drop off your daughter. A court wouldnt order your ex to do any of the travel i am afraid.
I can see why your ex is unwilling to pay for hotel etc and travel.

Posted : 26/09/2020 1:41 pm

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