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Gun at my ex house ...
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Gun at my ex house where my son is living

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Good Morning everyone,

I'm sorry to start this topic, I'm actually a bit stressed and I don't know if to worry or not.

I'm not a UK citizen and my son is living with his mum and her partner in UK.

Unfortunately due to the covid I can't visit my son yet and I'm allowed at one call a week.

Today during the call my son (4 years old) told me that his mum's partner showed him a gun and he told him that in the future" he will be able to use it whenever he wants".

I am personally shocked! First of all why to show a 4 years boy a Gun? I'm also shocked because in my country it is not normality to own a weapon (unless for sport, self defense or due to the profession or...criminality).

No, this guy is not using it for his profession as he is a builder.

Is there any way I can legally ask for a clarification about it? I am not very tranquil at the moment.

I can't ask my ex as she has already told me off menacing to sue me for harassment in another occasion (when noticed another weired event and contacted her).

I would like to know what would you do if you were in my shoes....

I was thinking to write her solicitor telling about it asking him to clarify this topic with my ex and let me know.

What do you all think about it?

Sorry Dads! thanks in advance for your help!

Topic starter Posted : 28/02/2021 4:54 pm
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If you have serious concerns you could call UK police from abroad with this number +442072301212

Posted : 28/02/2021 5:41 pm
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I'm not doubting your son, but at age 4, it might be that things weren't said exactly like that.

Perhaps raise it via a solicitor or if you have significant concerns, you could contact Childrens Services or the Police.

Posted : 01/03/2021 2:39 pm

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