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[Solved] Travel abroad to Italy during COVID-19 - Advice Needed

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Hello to the community,

I would like to ask if anyone could advise regarding anything I could do as my ex decided to take our daughter on holiday for a couple of weeks to Italy, next months.

I do let her know she does not have my permission to do so, but she gently remind me, I do not have any right about what she can do, as our daughter live with her and she have the custody.

I am start feeling anxious about all of it, as it does not seems right to me deciding to taking holiday to Italy, as the wisest decision during those times.

Our daughter does have a passport signed from both of us and I am aware that for a period of time of less than 28 days there is no request for a signed permission from the other parent, still I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, thinking there is anything I can do about it.

Thanks you all

Topic starter Posted : 04/06/2020 8:38 pm
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The only way you can stop her is via a prohibitive steps order application. It would have to be urgent given the timescales.

Whether you will succeed will be up several factors, including government guidance at the time, health risk factors, the risk of non return because of some future quarantine, etc...

The situation is pretty fluid so it's hard to know how a judge would see it. You probably have a reasonable chance of succeeding.

Posted : 04/06/2020 8:48 pm
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