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[Solved] Court Date approaching

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Christ I am nervous about this court case for contact order. I am certain I won't get access to see my boy.

When my ex found out I was seeing someone she went crazy, she came storming round to my house shouting out the odds and demanding our son went back home with her. I was livid, I ended up throwing my sons bag out the door then his scooter and the scooter hit her on the back. I was mortified, never intended on it hitting her. She called the police they came and spoke to me and said she didn't want to press charges as I wasn't a violent man. The police were really nice and left. Now she is saying I violently assaulted her that's why she stopped contact.
I have the caffcas telephone appointment next week, I am guessing that might get bought up.
I have a horrible feeling I have lost my son , I can't cope I miss him terribly.

Do you think I won't get access?

Thanks chaps

Topic starter Posted : 17/09/2016 3:37 pm
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I would imagine it will be brought up and I'd be prepared for it, so be reeady to expalin how you felt and that it was out of character because she was taking your son away unreasonably, but also consider that you should be open to the idea of anger management if they suggest it. They could suggest supervised contact for the moment, but I would certainy make the point that you have never been angry like that at your son.

Posted : 17/09/2016 9:20 pm
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Hi there

It's always best to be open and honest when asked during your telephone interview, impress upon them that it was an accident and that it was never your intention to hurt your ex in any way and that your ex stated at the time that you weren't a violent person and she didn't wish to take it any further. Point out that she was in a rage with you because she had found out you were seeing someone....It will probably raise some questions and as actd has said, it may be that you will have to accept supervised contact as a starting point, but it shouldn't result in you losing all contact with your boy.

Posted : 18/09/2016 6:08 pm
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How did you get on mate?

I have mine coming up soon. I'd be grateful for any advice

Posted : 17/10/2016 5:03 pm

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