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[Solved] Independent Visitor Scheme

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Hi all,

I am new here and I I am hoping I would be welcomed.

To cut the long story short, my children are in foster care for the last years. The children were removed from mother (she had residence) after her new hubad had assaulted my son. The socia services (Leicester Social Services) did not give me the opportunity to look after the children due to the "emotional harm" they felt I contributed albeit, this being on a "very low spectrum."

Since then I have been attending contact 6 times a year (same as mother) although she has been found at the High Court to fail to protect and her husbadn found to be the perpertrator.

Fast forward to the present, I had a meeting with the social worker and the team leader on 22/11/17 to discuss ways to move forwad and how to move the children out of the foster care. They have not made a ecision as yet, but yesterday I received a text message from the socia lworker asking as to whether I would be in agreement to have a Independent Visitor Schemefor my son who is 11 years old.

I am not sure about this as I want to remove all the children from care and into my care. Is this a good sign?

I would be grateful if anyone can assist or advise me on this. I look forward to hearing from you all.


Topic starter Posted : 24/11/2017 11:33 am
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Hi Azim

You are very welcome here.

I'm sorry to hear that your children are in care, I can't imagine how upsetting that must be for you and more importantly the children.

I don't think the Independent Visitor Scheme is concerned with your position in trying to have the children stay with you. It's more to help the child, to have someone to talk to and I think its a good thing, they're independent from the Social Services and are volunteers. Here's a link to explain a little more about their role.

As your children are in the care system and you are trying to get them put into your care, it might be helpful to contact The Family Rights Group, they are experienced in helping parents who are involved with Social Services

All the best

Posted : 24/11/2017 5:53 pm

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