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[Solved] CAFCAS section 47 parents notification

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I’m hoping for some advice please. I have an ongoing case with my ex wife and currently have shared custody of my two children.
My ex wife recently made an allegation to CAFCASS child’s guardian who raised a section 47.

This allegations was very basic to say the least and related to my living partners son aged 11 and social services questioned why it was even raised and chose not to act upon it.

I only got to find out about the alleged disclosure when I rang social services myself. Gladly they seen the innocence in a passing comment he made to my daughter.

My question is should my girlfriend have been notified by CAFCASS that her son was mentioned as part of a section 47 referral ?

Thanks in advance

Topic starter Posted : 12/01/2019 3:13 am
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Hi there

I don't have much direct experience of the rules around section 47 referrals, but it makes sense to me that if a child is mentioned in a report, the primary parent, generally the mother, having parental responsibility would be informed.

I would suggest that you contact the Family Rights Group, they are experienced with families who's children are involved with Social Services and they should be able to answer your question with more authority. Here's a link to their website, where you'll find details of their helpline number.

Best of luck

Posted : 12/01/2019 4:29 am

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