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[Solved] Question about statements

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Well I had the first hearing dispute resolution meeting yesterday and it didn't go well. Ex didn't agree to much at all and I now need to submit my statement.

However, I agreed in principle to drop my daughter off and pick her up (just to try and show I am willing to try to work things out to stop it going to second hearing). I feel on reflection that I would rather the court decide now what happens with regards to pick up and drop off. If I put this in the statement would it be dismissed?

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2017 4:02 pm
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Hi there

It can often seem that it hasn't gone well, but things can change quite quickly.

If you feel that you want the court to decide on how handovers should happen, you can say that I your statement along with what you would to happen....for instance for one parent to do the pick ups and the other the dropping off. However if you are the only driver, the court may just stick with you doing it all.

Posted : 06/09/2017 2:47 am

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