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[Solved] Some guidance as a fighting dad

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Good Evening,

Just wondering if anyone could offer my advice on benefits ECT when it comes to my child. The mother has all benefits ECT paid direct to her. She claims regularly that she is stuggerling ECT financially. I pay what I am ment to... 2 weekly. I know she spends the majority of hers and our child's money on her car (mot, tax, insurance, petrol ect) Where do I stand in what happened with my child's money of she is claiming she can not afford things for our child but is spending the child's money on her own luxuries.
Thank you for any help in advance.

Topic starter Posted : 17/01/2018 10:16 pm
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I'm afraid that you have no say in what she actually spends the money on, and you can't buy food, clothes etc instead of paying her. Part of the money you pay does cover other living expenses, including the car as presumably she does use the car to get your child around.

Posted : 18/01/2018 3:11 am

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