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[Solved] Deprived from my daughter

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My wife traveled to UK with my daughter in April for 15 days, she then called me from UK informing me that she is not coming back as agreed and she wants to stay in UK with my Daughter.
After it i knew that she traveled with my daughter to Spain this is what she and her family informed me. However after coming back i knew accidentally from social media that she was not in Spain she went to turkey with a strange people who i do not know (Pictures of her and my daughter with a strange people are available). Knowing that it is easy for me to travel to turkey no need for visa she didn't inform me that she will be there this showed that she does not want me to see my daughter.
When i saw the pictures and knew that they all lied on me i went mad at her and on her step dad because i realized that he is the main reason for the problem and he is pushing her not to talk with me he even sent from his personal email a report to the Lebanese police claiming that i threatened him because i shouted at him when i knew of their travel.
i went through depression for the fact that i lost my daughter and i reached suicide and after some time negotiations took place and i tried to apologies from the step dad by sending him an email how ever he replied in a very bad way threatening me and my family witch i can provide for you.
My parents tried to help in solving things between us and they did not stop there financial support to my wife how ever with vain.
she also blocked our accounts several times and did not let us see or talk with my daughter then out of no where she unblocks us for couple of days and send pictures and then blocked again. She makes us feel that she is unstable or she is controlling us to see our daughter.
By June my father and i applied for a visa to UK. Which we got accepted for by July however suddenly on 9/2016 the UK embassy called us from Amman asking us to return our passports because they want to cancel the visa for both of us. I belive that she or her step dad reported us by saying lies about us.
To Note: that during all this period she did not try to show me my daughter through Face Time also i tried to talk to her several times.
I have serious concerns that they want to stop me or any of my family to see my daughter, and i have a major worries on the living conditions of my daughter due to the fact that my wife have a rape case from her X-step father whose holding name is who he also have a daughter still at home, and might visit them at any time and that i think will be dangerous on my daughter. (rape case is recorded in UK police department) from this case i feel that my wife is not mentally stable to raise my daughter to note as per my wife she visits a psychiatrist.
Recently she is claiming that she is working and i know that her mother and step dad working so with whom she is leaving my daughter????? and i still do not know what type of work she is doing.
Sari Ezzeddine

Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2017 4:01 pm
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Hi there

I've deleted the names from your post, it's better to keep things anonymous. I'm not sure where we would stand legally as you are making certain allegations of a serious nature.

I'm not sure what we can do to help in this situation, I suggest you contact Reunite as they deal with child abduction and problems with children that cross borders. Here's a link to their website

Wishing you the best

Posted : 07/03/2017 12:08 am

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