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[Solved] Struggling

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hi all so some may have seen my last post

Well ow its getting to the point where my and my partner are like tnight having a big argument .

So let w give you a run down .
We are struggling with money atm I applied for a load which I didn't take , I go fishing 2 to 3 times a week , currently in furlow have been since April.
But going back Monday
My partner is 36 weeks pregnant

So we are arguing because she has been out today for a few hours meet her friend and thT so I have been at home had some chill time not really done anything around the house .
But because I didn't do nothing im in the wrong as I was playing on ps4 .
So im saying well you go out so why can't I i.e I go fiahing ect .

I dont drink so I don't go to the pub I don't go out unless its see family and fishing

She is coming across like she can't carry on like this that she wants to finish it as she can't see a future but yet me I don't see this i love her now since iv been on medication for my anxiety my sex drive has been pretty much nill so this is somthing that comes up she but yet I'm the one hugging kissing her .

I'm sure there is more but atm I cant think I feel like I want to explode I feel likea bomb ticking . She says I'm being a child tit for tat ect and that winds me up as it just seems or it feels like its always about me im the one in the wrong .

Topic starter Posted : 07/08/2020 1:43 am
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your partner will likely be very emotional at the moment. must be something to do with pregnancy and hormones. try to act calm and reassuring around her, and avoid arguments. unlike you, I am a single dad, so have no choice but to tidy the house by myself or it becomes a huge rubbish dump :p

hoovering or cleaning the bathroom doesn't take long. your partner will need all the support she can get from you now.

Posted : 07/08/2020 2:52 pm

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