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[Solved] Communication with schools

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Good morn Motherofafather,
Thank you for your comment.
I do of course have PR for my son (as well as a SRO saying he resides with me as well as with his mother).

I have had several face to face meetings with the school headmistress over the past 3 years, every time there is another issue I let her know by email or letter, she apologises but it always happens again. She is a personable enough lady but completely feckless. I know the school very well as I did some voluntary teaching there for three years.

It would appear (anecdotally) that this situation is not rare in primary schools. It is a pity that primary education has become so dominated by women, children have no male role models (especially those without a father at home) and the female viewpoint becomes (subconsciously) the only one.

Ho hum, my son will leave primary school education in a few weeks, he has done well in spite of (rather than because of) the school and we hope the secondary academy will be more balanced.


Topic starter Posted : 02/07/2016 10:12 am
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Hello othen,

I have sent you a P.M.

Posted : 04/07/2016 2:56 am
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